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10 Questions To Ask Your Gynaecologist Specialist


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What’s the one thing that makes you cringe as a woman? Is it the thought of booking an appointment with a gynae? Even playing out a conversation with them in your head feels awkward, but it really shouldn’t be. However, most of us are socialised in ways that make us feel too shy or ashamed to ask questions relating to our reproductive health. If you’ve ever dodged an important conversation about the more intimate parts of your body, this article is for you. We’ll help you prepare for the next chat you have with your gynaecologist specialist in Chatsworth.

First – Breathe In & Out

Start by looking in the mirror. Reassure yourself that there’s nothing wrong with being curious. Go ahead, say it out loud a few times: “It’s okay to ask questions about my reproductive system”. Are you feeling more comfortable yet? If so, that’s great! Now we can get straight to it.

1. Why Am I Experiencing A Low Sex Drive?

There are many potential causes for low libido, such as hormonal imbalances, alcohol abuse and side-effects of medication. The good news is that it can be treated once its origin is traced, so speak up.

2. How Does A Self-Check For Lumps In My Breast Work?

If you’re not sure how to go about a breast examination, your gynae is the best person to ask. This will make it easier to detect potentially harmful lumps from the onset.

3. Should I Be Feeling Physical Pain During Sex?

This issue is common than you think. Many women experience pain during sex at one point or another. The causes range from physiological issues to psychological, most of which can be treated. All you have to do to get the right solution is to communicate.

4. Is There Something Wrong With Me If I Rarely Reach Orgasm?

The “Big O” is a sensitive topic for many women. Some have never experienced it during sex, while others struggle to reach climax. Chat to your gynae about what could be causing this, so that you can communicate more effectively with your sexual partner as well.

5. Are Erratic Periods A Cause For Concern?

More often than not, irregular periods aren’t something to stress about. Your mental health, lifestyle and physical health can all contribute to your period. However, if the problem persists, you should have your gynaecologist check it out be make sure.

See? It’s not so bad. Do you have some more questions in mind? Book an appointment with a trusted gynaecologist specialist in Chatsworth today.