Pregnancy Pointers: 8 Ways to Tell if You Are Pregnant

Any fertile woman who is sexually active has a chance of falling pregnant. Of course, the odds vary based on several things. Perhaps you’re using a prevention method, experiencing reproductive health issues, or think you’re too old or young to fall pregnant. Fortunately, more often than not, your body will tell you if you’re growing a little life inside you. As a leading gynaecologist and obstetrician in Durban, we’ve decided to share eight ways to know if you’re pregnant.

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#1 – You Missed a Period in Your Menstrual Cycle

This is perhaps the most prominent and popular symptom to look out for. If you skip a period, take a pregnancy test to check if something’s up.

#2 – Sensitivity, Swelling & Discomfort in Your Breasts

Most women feel their breasts growing tender and even painful in the first few weeks of pregnancy. It’s a similar discomfort to the one around your period, but it persists longer and may feel worse.

#3 – Vaginal Bleeding That’s Curiously Light in Comparison to Your Usual Period

If you don’t typically have a light flow during your period, but experience one, you may be spotting. This occurs around two weeks after the sperm fertilises the egg.

#4 – An Overwhelming Fatigue That Doesn’t Go Away

We all get tired, but it ends at some point. If you’re experiencing incessant fatigue and struggling to keep up with your daily activities, it might be a sign that you’re pregnant.

#5 – Feeling Bloated & Experiencing Stomach Cramps

For some women, the moment hormonal changes begin – within days after conception – they feel bloated. It may feel like period bloating, but it will continue for much longer. A few weeks in, you may also have cramps, which are caused by implantation.

#6 – Nausea, A.K.A “Morning Sickness” & Food Cravings

This is another well-known symptom. Constant throwing up, not necessarily only in the morning, can happen because of hormonal changes. Most women also experience cravings and aversion to certain foods.

#7 – Abrupt & Constant  Changes in Your Mood

If you haven’t quite been yourself – snapping at the people around you, being more emotional than usual or euphoric – your moods may be exacerbated by hormones. This is another way to tell if you may be pregnant.

#8 – Blood Tests Taken By Your Gynaecologist

The most reliable to tell, though, is by consulting an expert. Pay your obstetrician and gynaecologist in Durban a visit and get tested so that you know for sure. Book your appointment with us today.