Can You Exercise During Pregnancy?

When many women find out that they’re expecting a child, they try their hardest to look after their bodies so that their pregnancy is risk-free, and their baby is born healthy. They’ll stop drinking alcohol and eating unhealthy foods, and start taking supplements. Exercise is essential for wellbeing, but is it safe for women to exercise during their pregnancy? Many women worry that working out will harm their unborn child, when in fact it is recommended – with a few amendments to your usual routine. Here’s what the top obstetricians in Durban, Pinetown and Chatsworth have to say.

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Which Exercise Is Best?

For many expectant mothers, this is a very individual decision. More often than not, your body will let you know which exercises it can or can’t handle. For low-risk pregnancies, almost any sport is safe. If you ran a lot before you fell pregnant, you should be able to go jogging during your pregnancy with no adverse effects. However, if you didn’t run before, it wouldn’t be a good time to start after you fall pregnant. Swimming is a very beneficial sport to take up, as the water supports your belly and assists with circulation. The water pressure also stimulates blood flow and helps to reduce swelling.

The Best Workouts For Pregnancy

As you go through the first, second and third trimesters of your pregnancy, your body changes a lot. It’s safe to say that your first-trimester body is capable of doing more varied and strenuous exercises than your third trimester one. Because your body is changing, you should change your exercise regime to allow for your pregnancy so that you don’t overdo it.

Low-impact sports such as swimming, biking and prenatal yoga are great during pregnancy. These exercises are great for women that didn’t exercise much before falling pregnant. There is no direct link between exercise and miscarriage; however, if you listen to your body during exercising, you‘ll prevent feelings of overexertion, which can intensify during pregnancy.

Benefits Of Exercising During Pregnancy

When you’re pregnant, exercise has its advantages and is not to be avoided entirely. It improves posture, and significantly reduces backaches, bloating, swelling and constipation. Exercise will help you feel more comfortable, increase your energy levels and decrease your feelings of fatigue.

If you’re pregnant, we recommend speaking to your Ob/Gyn about which exercises are best for your condition and your body. If you’re still unsure, Dr Augustine and Dr Parikh can assist you. They’re obstetric and gynaecological specialists, working in the Pinetown, Durban and Chatsworth areas who’ll be able to guide you throughout your pregnancy and beyond.