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Our bodies are constantly changing. As a doctor for women’s health in Durban, Dr Nitesh empowers women on health management. Read about age and breast changes.

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Doctor For Women’s Health in Durban

Our bodies are constantly changing – that’s the one thing we can guarantee. As a doctor for women’s health in Durban, Dr Nitesh is focused on sharing information to empower women to manage their health. One change affecting all women is that breasts are affected by age. This article shares the changes you can expect and the steps you can take.

Ageing: A Durban Dotor’s Notes For Women’s Health

One of the drivers behind the changes in our bodies is the drop in hormones production, specifically estrogen and progesterone. For women, this affects their breasts and is noticed via the texture. The internal changes will also adjust the breast’s shape. Your doctor for women’s health can advise you on your unique changes.

Fewer hormones for reproduction cause a drop in the elasticity of women’s skin, which can trigger the production of fibroids or sometimes cysts. Unfortunately, the big C is also on the radar – cancer.

Advice From A Durban Doctor For Women’s Health

The breast’s change in shape occurs due to reductions in tissues that act as glands. The reduced elasticity of the skin can adjust the size perception and the position of the breast. Nipple changes are also to be expected. Wrinkling may also occur, with less roundness and a greater gap between both breasts.

However, if you have concerns, you should contact your doctor for women’s health in Durban.

Why Does Estrogen Cause Changes? – Answers For Women’s Health

The hormone estrogen is the driver behind the tissue growth of women’s breasts. With less of it, the glands (mammary) are triggered to reduce in size and the body might place fat there instead, giving a softer appearance.

Another effect is that the connective tissues lose their strength, which may reduce the size and affect the position.

The hormone change can affect:

  • periods and temperature spikes
  • cause sweats, headaches, mood swings, tender breasts, headaches, tiredness
  • concentration stamina
  • bone density reduction

A women’s menopause generally starts at fifty-two years of age but can start as early as forty-eight. When this occurs, make an appointment with a women’s health medical doctor.

Additional Notes – Advice From A Durban Doctor For Women’s Health

A thinning and fat loss will change skin texture over the years so wrinkles will appear. Age spots also usually occur.

New lumps and bumps will arrive, and while most lumps that appear are not malignant, a doctor for women’s health in Durban will always recommend a medical examination.

Non-malignant growths could be:

  • Groups of connective tissue
  • Spherical sacs with soft or hard contents (cyst)
  • Enlarged ducts (milk) or growths within them that can create a discharge containing blood
  • Deposits of calcium
Therapy options – Advice From A Doctor For Women’s Health in Durban

There are different therapies available, and some hormones prescriptions are used to improve quality of life; some are also used to treat cancer.

Talk to your Durban doctor for women’s health today for the best quality of life and the healthiest body as you age. Contact us here