Why Visit A Gynaecologist? – Here’s Five Reasons

Conversations about the goings-on of your reproductive system can be awkward, but they don’t have to be. We all have these organs, so it makes sense to treat them like we would treat any other body part. Finding a reliable gynaecologist in Durban is the first step, but you should also know when it’s appropriate to go to them instead of the family GP. Here’s 5 reasons why to visit a gynaecologist:

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We put together a list of common reasons to see a gynae. By no means is it exhaustive, as gynaecological issues can be vast in scope. However, it covers the most common ones. Always exercise you discretion and remember that it’s better to be safe than sorry.

  1. Something Unusual In Your Menstrual Cycle

Erratic, painful or extremely heavy periods can be a sign of hormonal issues. Many of these can be treated or fixed, but only if you consult an expert. Ask you gynae how they can make your period more comfortable and predictable so that you’re in tune with your body.

  1. Safe & Reliable Family Planning Services

Being sexually active means there’s always a possibility of falling pregnant. Seeing a gynae means you can discuss your options relating to family planning, such as birth control methods and pre-conceptual care. The most important thing is that you stay healthy.

  1. An Unpleasant Odour Coming From The Vagina

One of the ways that the reproductive system indicates that there may be something wrong is through smell. It doesn’t need to smell like roses and peaches, but any abnormal odours that come up must be checked.

  1. Regular Pap Smears & Other Tests

Turning 21 is an exciting rite of passage for most people. Once you reach this stage of adulthood, frequents tests become an important way to detect reproductive health issues before they become problematic.

  1. General Reproductive Health Check-Ups

You don’t have to wait for something to go wrong before you visit a gynae. A routine check can help identify issues before they go out of control.

Book An Appointment With An Experienced Gynaecologist In Durban

There are so many reasons why visit a gynaecologist; we couldn’t possibly fit all of them into one blog. However, if you’re experiencing changes, pain or discomfort relating to your reproductive system, it only makes sense to have it checked out. Book your appointment with a gynaecologist in Durban today.