Good Bathroom Habits Recommended By Your Gynae

Around the world, gynaecological professionals agree that there is a crucial need for conservative personal care regarding the vaginal region. Monitoring and managing any changes to this area of your body such as slight discharge, mild irritation or discomfort is essential. Hear our Gynaecologist recommendation on bathroom hygiene now.

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Some Background Information


This opening to the female body is filled with healthy bacteria that protect the vagina from infection. Bad personal care habits can get rid of this bacterium making your body susceptible to irritation and infections that could cause harm. The goal with this area is to remain hygienic without disturbing your body’s own method of keeping clean. Here are some good and bad habits regarding personal care – essentially a guide on ‘what not to do’:

Bad Habits


  • Wearing tights or tight jeans
  • Regular use of pantyhose, lycra material or G-strings
  • Perfumed soaps
  • Washing with a cloth or sponge
  • Administering powders/creams/perfumes/regular use of antifungals etc.
  • Shaving/regular waxing

Good Habits


  • Annual gynaecological check-ups
  • When bathing wash only with your hand
  • Cotton panties
  • Loose-fitting garments
  • Diet: Stay hydrated, cranberry juice, consume yoghurt regularly, not too many sweet treats, drinking PH-levelling liquids from time to time

A Gynaecologist’s Recommendation


Feeling some discomfort? You might need to visit your gynaecologist in Pinetown as they will provide solutions to lessen the discomfort that you are feeling. Doing the following can be called having a vagina-friendly day or two.

  1. Wear comfortable cotton underwear (or none).
  2. Wear loose, wide dresses.
  3. Remain hydrated at all times.
  4. If the discomfort does not lessen by day two, seek help.

It should be noted that any symptoms related to recent sexual activity with a new partner or if your partner has been displaying signs of discharge or legions, this needs to be treated with urgency.

While these habits are universal, you should consult a professional gynaecologist in Pinetown to be sure that your bathroom regime is not doing more harm than good. Looking for a professional gynaecologist recommendation or gynae treatments in Durban? Feel free to get in touch with our team of experienced gynaecologists today and book an appointment so that we can assess which hygiene habits are best for you.