Gynae In Pinetown

Gynae In Pinetown

Our gyne in Pinetown wants you to learn the importance of pregnancy after 35 years. Read more about this here

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A Gynae's Guide To Pregnancy After Age 35

It is no surprise that many women are getting pregnant at the age of 35 years and over. With career aspirations, educational pursuits and independence playing a role in this shift, it is important that we start addressing this issue; fertility after 35 and if there are any risks to it. Your first pregnancy is important. However, planning on falling pregnant at and after 35 age is not just a number but an indication of declining fertility in women. There are several risks involved with this type of pregnancy, and that is why it is important that older first-time moms need to see a gynae in Pinetown so that they can start discussing how to best approach pregnancy after 35 years.

Our Gynae In Pinetown On Pregnancy After 35

As you may have heard, fertility in women begins to decline as you approach the 32-year mark and even more so after the age of 37 years. Every woman’s ovaries have a fixed number of eggs, and the longer you wait to fall pregnant, the number and quality of your eggs decline, leaving you with lower chances of conceiving. This is because the older you get, the more chances you may suffer medical conditions such as diabetes, blood pressure, endometriosis, and uterine fibroids, which cause major problems in fertility in older women.

Aneuploidy, autosomal trisomy and sudden abortion are often increased and are what accompanies a decline in fertility along with foetal loss rate as you grow older. Visiting a gynae in Pinetown will also help you examine whether assisted reproduction (IVF) will be affected when trying to conceive from ages 35 and above.

Advice From Our Gynae In Pinetown

If you’re trying to get pregnant and you’re in your mid-30s and above, this is what you need:

  • Get counselling, educational material and consultations on the effects of age on fertility
  • Get assessed after 6 month of trying and failed conception, or prior from a professional gynae in Pinetown
  • If you’re older than 40 years, get an immediate evaluation and treatment

It is vital to consider a consultation with a gynae in Pinetown as a necessary precaution when trying to fall pregnant. At Dr Nitesh, our gyne in Pinetown can help you follow a lifestyle that can help increase the chances of a successful pregnancy. With a healthier lifestyle, diet, regular exercises, and generally staying fit, we can help you get on your journey of pregnancy. Book a consultation with us.