Secrets To Never Keep From Your Gynaecologist In Phoenix

Your gynaecologist has seen and heard it all! So, next time you go to your gynaecologist in Phoenix, come clean with the truth.

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There are many things we experience and do in our private, sexual lives that we don’t want anyone knowing of. You’re not alone.

During your pregnancy, you must be upfront with your gynaecologist. Remember that you’re not in this alone, there’s someone else being affected by your choices and lifestyle that could have significant damaging effects on both you and your child.

Here are the three things you need to be honest about for a smooth and healthy pregnancy and a happy life post-birth.

Your Gynaecologist Needs To Know: If You’re Terrified Of Becoming A Mother

Pregnancy is one of the most emotional times any woman goes through, and it’s normal to go through those emotions. What’s even important here is to speak to your gynaecologist in Phoenix about your feelings. Remember that there’s a whole new host of hormones introduced to your body coupled with physical changes and mental preparation at play. Speak up about your history with depression, if you have one, or if you’re currently feeling depressed. If you’re grappling with the reality of being a mother, speak to your gynaecologist, they can recommend that you see a mental health specialist or a pregnancy support group you can join. 

Your Gynaecologist Needs To Know: You Have A Drinking Problem

There is no clear answer as to how much alcohol during pregnancy is dangerous. However, it is crucial that you abstain from alcohol consumption during this period. Yet, many people have difficulty complying with this rule. At times it is unintentional, and other times intentional, whatever the reason, speak to your gynaecologist and obstetrician in Phoenix. A lot of the time, you only find out about your pregnancy between 4 and 6 weeks, so don’t be hard on yourself, however, let your doctor know as soon as your pregnancy is confirmed.

Your Gynaecologist Needs To Know: You Smoke And Can’t Quit

Even the smallest amount of smoking can cause serious issues during your pregnancy, and the damages can be severe when the issue isn’t addressed with a gynaecologist in Phoenix. This is primarily because smoking has a high chance of affecting blood vessels in the mother’s placenta, which can result in delayed fetal growth, poor lungs and problems with brain development.

If your gynaecologist knows about your smoking problem, they will know to perform additional growth screenings to ensure your baby is growing properly and come up with solutions to help you overcome the smoking problem.

Make sure that you’re always honest with your gynaecologist. This is for your own health and that of your unborn child. These matters are serious and should be addressed as such. Get in touch with us and book a consultation with our gynaecologist in Phoenix today!