A Walk Through To Your First Gynaecologist In Verulam

Ever wondered what goes down at a gynaecologist appointment, especially if it’s going to be your first time? You’ve probably heard stories from your girlfriends, mother, aunts, sisters, or even the internet, about their first experience. Their stories may be very different from what you’re going to go through, so let’s set the record straight for you.

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The first thing you need to remember is that your gynaecologist knows that you’re nervous and probably embarrassed about your visit with them. But, really, there’s nothing to be anxious about, so take a breath and relax!

Let’s get started:

All You Need to Know About The Gynaecologist In Verulam

When Should My First Visit To A Gynaecologist Be?

As soon as you reach the ages between 13 and 17, booking an appointment with a gynaecologist is the most ideal time. At this time, your gynaecologist will explain what they do as well as everything you need to know in terms of your health care.

What Will My Gynaecologist Do During My First Visit?

The first visit may involve more talking, understanding your health and medical history and what you would like going forward from the services gynaecologists provide in Verulam. This may not involve a pelvic exam. However, if your visit is due to health problems, including experiencing painful or heavy periods, your gynaecologist may need to run tests.

The gynaecologist in Verulam needs to ensure that they ask if you have any questions and address each. This is the best way they’ll be able to help with whatever issues you may have and your way to see if they provide some of the services you may or may not need. And remember, no topic or question is off-limits, from your periods to sex, it is important to be absolutely clear with your gynae.

Are There Any Exams My Gynaecologist May Conduct?

A general physical exam should be expected. A physical exam includes checking your blood pressure, heart rate, your weight, and there’s a possibility that your gynaecologist needs to draw blood for tests. Again, this is to ensure they are well aware of any underlying conditions or look for potential diseases like prediabetes.

Additionally, if you’re sexually active, the gynaecologist will need to know if you have any sexually transmitted infections because your sexual health is of utmost importance.

Your gynaecologist at a facility in Verulam will also need to do an external genital exam focusing on the vulva which is areas around your vagina.

They also may need to perform a bimanual exam where two lubricated fingers will be placed in your vagina. This is to check your abdomen to feel your uterus and ovaries, to see if there are any cysts or growths. Don’t worry, the process will not hurt, it is just slightly uncomfortable, but if you have any worries, speak to your gynaecologist.

It is important to schedule an appointment with a gynaecologist in Verulam. Our team of gynaecologists provide tailored services, including Pap smears, along with other services. Before you book your appointment, you can call our gynaecologist in Verulam to ask about preparing for your appointment. Get in touch with us at Dr Nitesh!