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Learn about the trends a gynaecologist at a Mount Edgecombe Hospital wants you to know.

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Trends Your Gynaecologist At A Mount Edgecombe Hospital Wants You To Know About Cervical Cancer

Did you know cervical complications were once the leading cause of death for women? Well, gone are those days and all thanks to regular screenings from a reputable gynaecologist at a Mount Edgecombe hospital.

With all the technological advances, there are still many women who do not know how to keep up with the trend. Luckily, our gynaecologist from Mount Edgecombe Hospital is here to help.

Gynaecologist From Mount Edgecombe Trend #1: Get A Pap Test!

As your first line of defence against cervical cancer, a Pap exam is vital as it aims to identify any changes in the cervix. Although frequency recommendations change, it is nonetheless crucial that you book a test with a gynaecologist in Mount Edgecombe hospital at regular intervals. For women between 21 and 29 years, a Pap test is recommended every three years, while women between 30 and 65 need to take one every five years.

Gynaecologist From Mount Edgecombe Trend #2: An Abnormal Pap Result Does Not Always Mean You Have Cancer

There are over 3 million women who often receive an abnormal Pap result each year, often caused by human papillomavirus (HPV). A gynaecologist at a Mount Edgecombe Hospital is the best person to advise you on which steps you need to take before you take a new test. Your next test will include conducting a closer exam of your cervix as well as performing a biopsy if needed.

Gynaecologist From Mount Edgecombe Trend #3: Most Cervical Cancers Are Caused By HPV

There are many cases in which HPV has spread through intercourse. As a result, more than half of sexually active people contracting HPV at some point in their lives. Although there are HPV vaccines for people between 9 and 26, any woman over 30 needs to get an HPV test during their Pap test.

Gynaecologist From Mount Edgecombe Trend #4: Cervical Cancer Is A Silent Killer

When experiencing advanced cervical cancer, much pelvic pain and vaginal bleeding can be expected. However, in its early stages, warning signs are almost non-existent. This is because it can take several years for cervical cells to become cancerous. This is why HPV and Pap tests are so important. When detected early, treatment is much easier.

Make sure that you book an appointment with a gynaecologist at a Mount Edgecombe hospital to find out more about cervical cancer, trends to pay attention to, and the treatment you may require. Speak to our experts at Dr Nitesh today.