Gynaecologist Specialising In Pcos Durban

A woman’s body is a complex, miracle-making wonder that can have complex health issues. If you need help, see a gynecologist specialising in PCOS Durban today!

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When Should You See A Gynecologist Specialising In PCOS In Durban?

As women, we have complex, miracle-making bodies and with that come a few complex health issues. One of those issues is polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) which is an endocrine disorder. Its complexity and link to endocrinology can often lead to a misdiagnosis. As a gynecologist specialising in PCOS, Dr Nitesh seeks to conquer this condition for you.

The syndrome has many ways of manifesting and can profoundly affect your quality of life. Here is why you should specifically choose a gynaecologist that specialises in PCOS.

Why Would You Choose A Gynaecologist Specialising In PCOS?

PCOS is a syndrome driven by complex changes in your hormonal levels, and the hormone component needs an experienced, specifically trained expert to understand the far-reaching effects of hormonal changes on your entire body. There are many treatments available, and your gynaecologist will formulate a PCOS treatment unique to your symptoms. The sooner you start your PCOS treatment, the better, so you can get relief from the symptoms and avoid complications such as difficulty in conceiving.

Your gynaecologist will work closely with an endocrinologist as part of your PCOS treatment team. An endocrinologist is trained explicitly in hormonal system disorders, and they will consult with your gynaecologist specialising in PCOS to reach the best solution for your needs.

Other Team Members Specialising In PCOS In Durban

Hormones are powerful and complex, so a multi-disciplinary approach is recommended. Your gynaecologist, therefore, might suggest the involvement of a registered, certified dietician who specialises in PCOS to assist with getting your immune system into the best shape. In addition, the dietician may discuss supplements to help with the condition or a meal plan to complement the treatment.

The sessions might also include nutrition education, monitoring of meal plans results and assessing the effectiveness of the supplements.

PCOS can manifest in non-physical ways as well. Hormones have a far-reaching effect on your entire wellness. For example, you may have symptoms of mood disorders that present as unexplained anxiety or uncharacteristic depression. In these cases, your gynaecologist will suggest a mental health expert specialising in PCOS. Women should not underestimate the power of hormone imbalances, and it is essential to talk through all the symptoms you believe you are experiencing. If you have chosen a gynaecologist specialising in PCOS, they will quickly pick up on the many possible signs and get you onto the road to health.

With this carefully selected team working together in Durban, you will have so much more opportunities for the successful treatment of your PCOS and improved quality of life.

Prioritise your health today and book an appointment with a gynaecologist specialising in PCOS Durban now!