How Body Image Is Linked To Female Health

Your body image may seem like the plain, honest truth to you, but for a significant section of society, it is often quite inaccurate. The term “body image” refers to intangibles; it’s about what you perceive to be the truth about your body and the feelings that this perception generates. It is an important topic for gynaecologist specialists as it can impact female health severely and reproductive health.

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Why Is Body Image Important To Gynaecologist Specialists?

When people believe they are overweight, they frequently turn to dieting, excessive exercising or poor eating habits. This has a direct impact on the health of your mind and body.

A body image is not what is reflected in the mirror; it is what your mind overlays onto the reflection. Your weight might be perfectly normal, but your body image says “overweight”.

You have undoubtedly heard that social media, mainstream media and anorexia requirements from fashion houses (for runway models) twist the truth about ideal body sizes and what is achievable as a normal human being.

The challenge with distorted body images is the tendency to diet as opposed to a healthy lifestyle approach. There are thousands of research papers on why diets fail, causing a yo-yo effect of weight loss and weight gain.

Gynaecologist specialists are very concerned about this as yo-yo or seesaw weight habits increase the risk of heart disease, fatty liver, osteoporosis and poor mental health. As a woman gets closer to or goes through menopause, the risks amplify.

Why Is A Later Of Protective, Healthy Fat Necessary?

A female body is expected to have some fat on the hip and thigh areas. This fat supports fertility, breastfeeding, reduced risk of osteoporosis, a healthy skin, eyes, hair and teeth.

The models that we mentioned above are, unfortunately, usually severely undernourished, lacking in calcium and prone to fractures, suffer from anaemia and fatigue (and hence fall on runways), stop having their menstrual cycle and have often damaged their ability to have children.

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