How To Find The Top 10 Gynaecologists In Durban

If you are researching online for an ideal gynaecologist, then we’re here to help you find the top 10 gynaecologists in Durban. Our practice offers gynaecology and obstetrics, and we respect that the doctor-patient relationship between a woman and her gynaecologist is evaluated with many subjective criteria that are not all science-based. That is the absolute correct way to go about your choice. So without further ado, let us get straight into helping you, which is what we do best.

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When To Start Looking For The Top 10 Gynaecologists In Durban

The “start date” for initiating your patient-doctor relationship with a gynaecologist is wholly dependent on the physiology of you or ‘the patient’. Most global medical institutes recommend preparing your daughter to expect gynaecological visits to start between the ages of thirteen and fifteen years.

As private and highly personal issues are discussed with gynaecologists, it is essential that a strong base of trust exists or is established.

Recommendations On The Top 10 Gynaecologists In Durban

Word of mouth recommendations have, historically, been the best way to find a gynaecologist because you can ask your network dozens of questions about the medical professional. Do the recommenders say they trust the gynaecologist? What do they say about the doctor’s skills? What have their experiences been like with the doctor? Are the offices nice to go to? Jot down notes so you can refer back to them.

Reviews On The Top 10 Gynaecologists In Durban

When you compiled a shortlist of preferred specialists, then it’s time to see if there are any bad reviews online. There may be a lack of reviews as few women want to chat away in public about their pap smears, infections, etc. and the treatments. As you sift through the mix of reviews, remember that they are all subjective, and you may have a completely different experience with a doctor.

The Medical Experience Of The Top 10 Gynaecologists In Durban

During your thorough online research, take the opportunity to look up the gynaecologist’s bio. You are also welcome to ask the doctor’s office’s directly for information. Here are some pointers:

    • Which medical school was attended?
    • Where did they complete their residency? (The practical period of their degree process)
    • What is their registration number with SASOG – The South African Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists.
  • When did they start practising as a fully fledge gynaecologist?
  • Which hospitals do they see patients in?
  • Do they have a specialty? E.g. adolescents, endometriosis, perimenopause, etc.
  • Have they had complaints filed against them?

If your family has a history of specific conditions, perhaps choose a doctor that is specialised in this.

Choosing The Values Of The Top 10 Gynaecologists In Durban

Your trusting relationship with your gynaecologist is going to need you to have similar values. If a gynaecologist is vehemently against sex outside of marriage and you disagree with that then you will have a tough time in your appointments. Get their opinion on birth control, pregnancy and any other points that are important to you.

Medical Aid Acceptance By The Top 10 Gynaecologists in Durban

Lastly, do they accept your medical aid? If yes, are their fees above the rate and by how much?

A List Of The Top 10 Gynaecologists In Durban

And without further ado, here is our shortlist of the top 10 gynaecologies in Durban:

Dr Nitesh Parikh
Gynaecologist (OBGYN)

Dr David Ngotho
Gynaecologist (OBGYN)

Prof. JS Bagratee’s
Gynaecologist (OBGYN)

Dr Adam Czarnocki
Gynaecologist (OBGYN)

Dr. Carlos Hartman
Gynaecologist (OBGYN)

Dr. D A Kesene
Gynaecologist (OBGYN)

Dr Makaya Mchunu
Gynecologist (OBGYN)

Dr. Nonhlanhla Dlamini
Gynaecologist (OBGYN)

Dr Abdul Karim Ismail
Gynaecologist (OBGYN)

Dr Jonathan Nathan Hansen
Gynaecologist (OBGYN)

We hope this has helped you choose the top 10 gynaecologists in Durban. Contact our practice for a deeply caring, respectful patient-doctor relationship.