Treatment Of Menopausal Symptoms At Home

The symptoms that come with menopause can often be very uncomfortable. While nothing can replace a professional consultation with a gynaecologist in Durban, there are ways to alleviate some of your symptoms and conduct menopausal treatment at Durban home.

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Urinary Incontinence: Treating This Menopausal Symptom When In Your Durban Home

Urinary incontinence can be a truly embarrassing annoyance that comes with going through menopause. One of the best ways to help improve urinary incontinence is to drink enough water throughout the day and try avoid drinks that are high in caffeine at night, as well as foods and beverages that are very acidic.

Kegel exercises, which strengthen the muscles of your pelvic floor, can also be great for reducing episodes of urinary incontinence.

Night Sweats: Treating This Menopausal Symptom When In Your Durban Home

Night sweats are hot flashes that happen while you are sleeping and can be extremely uncomfortable, negatively affecting your sleeping patterns.

The best way to steer clear of night sweats is to simply try stay cool when sleeping by having a fan in the bedroom, using layered bedding which can be easily removed, wearing light sleepwear, and by keeping an icepack under your pillow to offer you relief when you need it.

Trouble Falling Asleep: Treating This Menopausal Symptom When In Your Durban Home

Trouble falling asleep is yet another common, menopausal symptom. Not being able to fall asleep can affect everything from your mental health to your performance at work, but maintaining a regular sleep schedule can be achieved by going to bed and waking up at the same time every day. It’s important to keep your body clock in check and also to try relaxing before bedtime with a good book, minimal screen time and a calming bath.

Discomfort During Sex: Treating This Menopausal Symptom When In Your Durban Home

Menopause often contributes to sexual discomforts such as vaginal dryness and a general decrease in sexual functioning and enjoyment. Women experiencing these symptoms are encouraged to try using various vaginal lubricants and moisturisers to ease dryness. Maintaining regular sexual stimulation is beneficial to preserving your vaginal health by promoting blood flow to the vagina.

While these Durban home remedies may offer you some relief, you may want to consult a qualified gynaecologist In Durban should you want to seek professional menopausal treatment in Durban. Looking for professional menopause treatments in Durban? Don’t hesitate to contact our team of experienced gynaecologists today and book an appointment so that we can assess which menopause treatments are best for you.