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In today’s day and age, it is not unusual to hear of one of your close friends or relatives or even to see the media advertising celebrities and pop culture icons opting to go through with home birthing methods over traditional hospital births. “Why is this?” You may ask.

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Is this truly a better experience compared to the security you feel when being in a hospital, surrounded by medical staff or is this just a trend modern mothers seem to be following to try to keep up with the times?

Well, we have some advice from a trusted and experienced obstetrician in Chatsworth to help you make your mind up about this yourself.

Home Births Vs Hospital Births - The Difference Explained By An Obstetrician

Whether you reside in Chatsworth or Italy, there are only a few fundamental differences between home births and hospital births that an obstetrician can explain to you quite simply. One is the location of birth.


Home births are carried out either at your own home or a chosen birthing home while hospital births are normally carried out in theatre or birthing rooms designed for the comfort and safety of the mother and her child.

Quality Of Care

When choosing a hospital birth in Chatsworth, you will receive primary care from a professional and experienced obstetrician with assistance from one or more nurses. During a home birth, you will be assisted by a single midwife or birthing coach, allowing for more privacy and intimacy during the process.

As a soon to be parent, it’s easy to understand why it’s comforting to know that you will receive immediate and substantially more medicinal care and that you are surrounded by countless medical professionals is alluring, as well as, soothing. 

This is not to say that you will not receive professional medical care if you choose a home birth though, many midwives and birthing coaches have decades of experience in their field and have successfully delivered babies in the homes of their mothers for many years. 

The Biggest Difference Between Hospital And Home Births

As an obstetrician, you come to understand the ins and outs of not just birthing a child, but what it feels like to the mother herself and what her body goes through during this miraculous but stressful journey.

When you opt for home birth in Chatsworth, the biggest upside is that once the birth is over, you will be in your own home and surrounded by your family as opposed to hospital births where you may need to stay a minimum of one day to a maximum of three, granted the birthing process goes smoothly and your obstetrician has approved your discharge.

This can be a major deciding factor for many mothers as the comfort of being in your own home with your newborn and family, can often surpass the comfort of traditional and secure medical care.

Call Your Obstetrician For Advice Today!

Your obstetrician in Chatsworth can advise you timeously on what he or she believes is best for you and your baby. However, ultimately, as a mother, it is your decision and whatever feels right for you and your family, is probably right. For advice or a consultation with our trusted and renowned obstetricians in Chatsworth, contact us today!