Obstetrician in Durban Explains Swollen Limbs During Pregnancy

“Why do my feet swell?” We are getting to the bottom of this and putting mom’s minds at ease all at the same time. In this blog, we will answer questions answering the “why?”, “when to seek help?” and “what can I do?”.

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An Obstetrician In Durban Answers:

“Why Do My Feet Swell?”

Getting to the root of the issue, the reason that your feet swell during pregnancy is due to additional fluid and blood. To meet the needs of your developing baby, the body will produce approximately 50% more fluid and blood. In addition to this, as your uterus grows, pressure is placed on your veins which slows down the return of blood to your heart. Water retention is the final attributing factor because your hormones during the gestation period effects your thirst centre making swelling in your ankles and legs clinically evident.

“What Is ‘Normal’ Swelling?”

At any point during the pregnancy, swelling can be expected but it tends to become noticeable around the fifth month and it may increase during the third trimester. ‘Normal’ swelling will be in your feet, ankles, legs, face and hands. This kind of swelling is affected by your sodium intake, high levels of caffeine, long days of activity, and standing for long periods of time.

“When Should I Seek Medical Advice?”

Mild swelling is completely normal. The time to seek medical advice is if it ever comes on suddenly and painfully – especially if the swelling is happening in just one limb as this may be a sign of a blood clot or higher than normal blood pressure.

“What Can I Do?”

Swelling during pregnancy is normal and will go away after the birth. Staying off your feet can help ease this or lying down with your legs elevated can also help. Switch to comfortable footwear, stay active by walking and try to sleep on your left side – these changes will ease the swelling for sure.

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