Obstetric Services In Durban

High-Risk Obstetrics

Even though “high-risk” may sound ominous, the term in no way means that you are destined to have problems with your pregnancy. Majority of women who have high-risk pregnancies go on to have few or no problems during pregnancy and give birth to a healthy baby through the help of obstetric services in Durban.

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With a high-risk pregnancy, you will just need to take extra care to ensure that you have a healthy pregnancy and baby by having more regular check-ups and receiving extra medical supervision. We are here to help and guide you through this process.


We will guide you through your pregnancy by offering routine check-ups where we will advise you on your health, your diet and most importantly improve your pregnancy outcomes by detecting any complications, particularly those without obvious symptoms, early.


If you have HIV, or contract HIV during your pregnancy, you will require extra treatment, care and close examination. We will do our best to foster feelings of safety as we are here to support and guide you throughout your pregnancy and provide advice about the possible problems outcomes that may occur.


With your health linked directly to the health of your baby, it is essential that close screening and monitoring is done with your Obstetrician. Management for any medical disorder experienced at this time is not only for you as the mother but for your baby too. Place yourself in our good hands as you and your baby progress through the delicate and special event of pregnancy.


We are here to help and guide you through your multiple pregnancies. We will manage the pregnancy based on your overall health and medical history, number of fetuses, tolerance for specific medicines, procedures and therapies and personal preference. How wonderful to expect not only one bundle of joy, but more!


There is a lot to consider when preparing for your big and special day. We are here to help you learn more about your options when it comes to giving vaginal or cesarean birth as well as guide you in terms of what to expect. Of course, we will be right with you on the day too with our obstetric services in Durban!