Practical Postpartum Care Advice For New Mothers

Postpartum is a term used to define the first month and a half after your beautiful baby is born. It’s a happy time, but it is also tiring and bewildering to first-time moms and dads. Remember to use our care advice obstetric services in Durban for full support during those first six weeks. We are your postpartum support crew and are interested in your new family’s happiness.

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Here is some practical advice to help you understand the different parts of your postpartum period.

Acclimating To Motherhood & Fatherhood

After your baby’s birth, the hospital stay is quite peaceful, but when you get home, it might feel like a whirlwind has taken over your days. Your best goal is to focus on your and your baby’s well-being. Take time to adapt, and don’t worry, that feeling bewildered is normal and the same for everyone. You will find your path; it just takes a couple of weeks.

Sleep when your baby sleeps whenever possible, and don’t be shy about asking for help. Your body is going through significant physical and hormonal changes after birth. You will be tired, forgetful and frustrated.

Be sure to eat healthily. Those premade healthy meals in the freezer will be a huge advantage. Keep up your fluid intake, especially if you are breastfeeding.

Check with your OBGYN when you can start gently exercising, e.g. a slow walk. It’s good for your body and mind.

Getting Used To The New Family Structure

Your baby will most likely adjust your relationship dynamic with our partner. You will have fewer quality moments with your partner, and stress levels will be higher.

Remind yourself daily to be patient and conscious of the fact that you are both bewildered and sleep-deprived. Easier said than done, we know.

Start family chats ‒ if you or your partner feels isolated, then talk about it or other challenges. Don’t feel guilty about the need for alone time.

Baby Blues And Postpartum Depression

These two conditions are not the same. Most women, and even some men, get baby blues during the first six weeks. It’s a crazy time. It can start within a few days after childbirth and can be experienced for a fortnight. Up to 8% of new moms have big mood changes or negative feelings in the postpartum period. Your body is undergoing significant hormonal changes, so cut yourself some slack.

When Should You Tell Your OBGYN?

Postpartum depression might be diagnosed if your symptoms continue for more than a fortnight. In addition to the sadness, irritation and mood swings, you might feel guilty or useless. You might also lose complete interest in day-to-day tasks.

If you lose interest in your baby or want to hurt it or any of the above symptoms, call Dr Nitesh and let’s give you the right support you need. Your body has just performed a miracle by growing a whole new human being, and it’s now reverting to a regular female body.

Sometimes it needs a little extra nurturing – and don’t you think that amazing body of yours deserves that? We do!

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