Reasons Why You Should Visit Your Gynaecologist Specialist

Visiting a gynaecologist specialist is not always a pleasant experience for some because they associate it with either trying to conceive or being pregnant. A yearly check-up is enough for them, and they do not see the point of scheduling time to see one when other sexual health issues arise. It can be an awkward, uncomfortable appointment for those who go in with these misconceptions. And these patients may even fail to disclose concerns or health issues they may be facing because of how they feel. This can lead to more uneasiness and worsening problems in the future. But it is key that you book an appointment when problems become persistent and affect your everyday life.

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Here are some reasons you should always make an appointment with your gynaecologist specialist.

Consistent Pain 

Patients experiencing consistent pain often put off seeking medical attention until it is unavoidable. As a gynaecologist specialist, we encourage you to prioritise your health and body because living with pain should not be normalised. Consistent pain can be a result of infections or cysts. In some instances, it can even be an ectopic pregnancy, leading to severe complications.

Unusual Periods 

Periods that are very painful, extremely heavy, or even missing can be bothersome. Many patients dismiss the seriousness of their unusual periods as just being “normal” or a “common problem”. But they can highlight conditions such as PCOS (poly-cystic ovary syndrome) or endometriosis. Missed periods can also be indicative of pregnancy, but if you are not carrying a baby, it can be worrying. Problematic periods need to be examined by your gynaecologist specialist so that they can help you return to a healthy cycle, which will benefit you physically and mentally.

Frequent Soreness 

Another issue that is avoided for as long as possible by some of our patients is soreness. Many sum up the discomfort to strenuous sexual activity, a bar of new bath soap, or even swimming in a chlorine-treated pool. But frequent soreness can also be due to STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases), bacterial infections, or yeast build-up.

How A Gynaecologist Specialist Can Help You

A gynaecologist specialist is a professional doctor that can assist you in several areas of your sexual health. It is never encouraged to dismiss ailments affecting you because sometimes they can easily be resolved and other times can point to more worrying health matters. Your health is our priority, and we always aim to make you feel comfortable and safe in our consultation room.

Don’t delay booking an appointment with Dr Nitesh, your gynaecologist specialist, who will always offer friendly service and expert advice.