Staying Healthy During Pregnancy: Tips For Working Mothers

Pregnant women as working mothers often keep working throughout their pregnancies and many manage to do so safely until their due date as overseen by their gynecologist specialist.

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While some women may need to take their maternity leave sooner if they have a history of preterm labour or if they are classified as higher risk (carrying multiples, etc.), for most simple management and adjustments at work can make the experience safer and easier on the expectant mother.

Dr Nitesh shares some of the best ways to ensure that you can stay healthy while working as a pregnant mother.

Ease Your Discomfort

This applies to every stage of pregnancy from the first trimester when nausea and vomiting can be more pronounced to the third trimester, when the added weight and physical toll can cause severe fatigue and even pain. Make sure to plan ahead in all cases by setting up a few items at work that can help.

For nausea and vomiting, for example, you can pack extra snacks (frequent snacking often helps alleviate the symptoms), take extra Vitamin B6 before bed (it can cause drowsiness), stay clear of nausea triggers such as a busy break room, and talk to your healthcare provider about anti-nausea medication if needed.

For dealing with the physical discomfort of pregnancy, it is recommended that you take regular breaks from your desk, and an adjustable chair is also incredibly useful as a support. If you need to bend and/or lift something, bend at the knees and avoid twisting your body as you lift up. Raise your feet up as frequently as possible (if it is reasonable to do so) and ensure that you keep yourself hydrated throughout the day.

Handling Fatigue And Stress

Pregnancy can take a big toll on your mental health as well as your physical well being. The best recommendation here is to give your body the support it needs by eating foods rich in iron and protein, keeping your schedule as light as possible, keeping up with your fitness routine, and making the time and space to discuss your stress triggers.

If you would like to gain more insight from a gynecologist specialist on how to support your pregnancy while working, reach out today via our contact portal.