Tips For Enhancing Your Menopause Treatment

Menopause is a wonderful stage in a woman’s life that starts a life phase of newfound freedom phases. To guide you through this exciting phase, we are sharing tips on what you can do to enhance the effects of the menopause treatment you have chosen in Durban with Dr Nitesh.

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Here are our top tips.

Food Choice Tips To Complement Menopause Treatment

Adding certain foods to your daily nutrition will enhance your strength and stamina. Here are some general guidelines for you to build on.

Foods Containing Calcium & Vitamin D

To help your body avoid the risk of osteoporosis or weaker bones, add calcium-rich items to your grocery list, for example, cheese, yoghurt and milk. But don’t stop there ‒ there is lots of calcium in green leafy vegetables like broccoli and kale.

Spinach is often listed, but that is a bad media spin, unfortunately. Spinach contains high levels of oxalate that can prevent calcium absorption, so look at other greens like humble parsley.

Parsely is a potent superfood and completely undervalued. It has 15% more calcium than milk (138mg vs 120mg / 100g), phenomenally high vitamin C, potassium and magnesium levels, and good iron levels. Pop a few packets of that in your trolley and add it raw to everything!

Be cautious with beans and lentils as options because their phytic acid prevents the absorption of nutrients if not combined perfectly with other fats.

And don’t forget to add some daily fruit to that trolley.

Foods Containing Protein

When eating protein, small amounts at regular intervals during the day is best for decreasing muscle loss.

Fun fact: Lean protein can help with weight loss and sleep quality because it makes you feel fuller sooner.

Pop lean meat, eggs, sardines, salmon and other fish into your trolley. Small portions of nuts work well as snacks but focus on the “small”.

Physical Health Tips To Complement Your Menopause Treatment

A Healthy Weight

Many people unfairly blame menopause for weight gain, but it often occurs due to a combination of factors, such as hormone changes, ageing, lifestyle and dietary changes, mental health and genetics.

Excess fat elevates the risk levels of heart disease, diabetes and other diseases while affecting menopause symptoms. Studies have shown that overweight women have worse experiences of hot flushes and night sweats.

Top tip: 80% of your weight loss comes from eating less. Don’t look to exercise as your primary solution.

Yes, You Need To Exercise

Exercising on a regular basis will improve your energy levels, metabolism, joints and bone strength, mental health and sleep quality.

An exercise methodology like Pilates is excellent for menopause as it contributes to building denser bones due to the load-bearing style of movements.

You will generally feel better, and your immune system will love it!

Help your heart, insulin levels, bones, muscles and joints while maintaining a healthy weight.


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