What To Expect At Each Prenatal Appointment With A Specialist Obstetrician

Prenatal appointments with your specialist obstetrician are an integral part of a healthy pregnancy journey, providing an opportunity to monitor your health and that of your unborn baby.

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Navigating through this transformative period can be exciting and daunting, particularly for first-time moms. Understanding what to expect at each prenatal appointment can significantly reduce anxiety and ensure you are well-prepared for what lies ahead.

Let’s delve into the purpose and importance of these appointments, the frequency, the significant milestones tied to each trimester, the special tests and screenings you might undergo, and how to prepare for the final stretch leading up to delivery.

First Visit To Your Obstetrician

Your initial prenatal visit is typically the longest. Your obstetrician will ask questions about your medical history and then conduct a physical exam to establish baseline information about your and your baby’s health. This visit may include an ultrasound to confirm the pregnancy and estimate the delivery date.

Follow-Up Appointments: Frequency and Purpose

After the first visit, you’ll have follow-up appointments approximately every four weeks until 28 weeks into your pregnancy, then every two weeks until 36 weeks, and finally, weekly until delivery. These visits are shorter but crucial as they allow your specialist obstetrician to monitor your baby’s growth and your health.

Important Milestones in Prenatal Appointments

Each trimester comes with its milestones:

  • First Trimester: Prenatal screenings assess the risk of certain genetic disorders. You will also hear your baby’s heartbeat for the first time.
  • Second Trimester: An anatomy scan is conducted around 20 weeks to examine your baby’s organs and structures. You might also find out your baby’s gender if you choose to.
  • Third Trimester: Your obstetrician will monitor your baby’s position and discuss your birth plan.
  • Special Tests & Screenings: As your pregnancy progresses, your obstetrician may recommend specific tests such as the glucose tolerance test to check for gestational diabetes or the Group B Strep test.

Preparing for Delivery: The Last Few Appointments

In the final weeks, your appointments may include checks for signs of labour. Your obstetrician will inform you when to go to the hospital and how to apply for pre-authorisations from your medical aid, if applicable.

Regular prenatal appointments are essential to give the best chance of a healthy pregnancy and delivery. They provide an opportunity to monitor your health and that of your baby, prepare for childbirth, and ask any questions you may have.

Your pregnancy journey deserves the utmost care and attention from a specialist obstetrician . At Dr L Augustine & Dr N Parikh, we provide top-notch prenatal care to ensure a healthy and joyful pregnancy. Schedule your appointment today and experience professional, compassionate care every step of the way.