What To Expect From Your First Visit To The Gynae

Every woman will have a different experience of visiting the gynaecologist. Unfortunately, if their experience wasn’t good, you’ll be more likely to hear about it than if it was a positive experience. It can leave you feeling reluctant to look for a gynaecologist or book your first appointment, even though it’s sorely needed. It’s natural to be apprehensive, as long as you make sure you aren’t avoiding a visit for the wrong reasons. Here are some common misconceptions you may have about your first visit to a gynae:

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1) You Should Only Go To The Gynaecologist If You Have A Problem

A common misconception among women is that you should only visit your gynae if you a health issue or concern. Others may give you the impression that it’s only necessary when you’re pregnant. It’s normal to visit one regularly, and visits don’t need to centre around pregnancy or serious conditions. It can be for a check-up or screening and prevention tests.

2) You Should Suck It Up

Horror stories of women exclaiming how uncomfortable they feel can affect the way you perceive gynaecologists. You may feel pressured into just gritting your teeth through it. You must let your healthcare provider know on your initial visit that it’s your first time and that you’re nervous or anxious. It can sometimes help to take someone to put you at ease. Go in with your concerns and questions, and if you still don’t feel comfortable, you may need to find another doctor. No matter what, it shouldn’t deter you from going again.

3) You Shouldn’t Drink Anything Before You Go

Many women think you shouldn’t drink anything before you go for a pelvic exam, but this is dependent on the individual. If you need tests run, you may need to provide urine for a sample. Call ahead to make sure you know if this is on the cards.

4) You Don’t Have To Shave Or Wax

You may have heard of women shaving or waxing before going to an appointment, but you don’t need to feel pressured into doing so. You only need to keep yourself clean, so shower or use a hygiene wipe before your appointment. If you’re self-conscious of going later in the day because of sweat and bacteria, make your appointment earlier in the day.

If you’re still feeling wary about your first visit, speak to a healthcare provider beforehand to help ease your distress. Finding a gynaecologist in Pinetown is the first step and the next is finding the right fit for you. Feel like you’re ready to make your appointment?

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