What’s The Difference Between A Gynaecologist And An Obstetrician?

Women’s health may seem like a confusing minefield if you’ve never seen anyone but a GP for healthcare. There are different types of healthcare workers and professionals, but the main two that we see throughout our adult lives are either obstetricians or gynecologists. So, what’s the difference between the two, and how do you know which one you should see and when?

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What Is An Obstetrician?

An obstetrician in Durban is a healthcare professional who’s completed medical school and specialised further in caring for patients before, during and after pregnancy. This covers the first few months after the child is born – and these periods are referred to as either prepartum or postpartum, i.e. during and after pregnancy.

Obstetricians can monitor patients during healthy pregnancies as well as if a pregnancy has a chance of developing complications – such as when the birth parent is HIV positive, if multiple pregnancies are involved or if any other medical complications are present. If you’re pregnant you’ll likely be referred to one of your primary gynaecologists or GRP thinks you might be at risk.

What Is A Gynaecologist?

A gynecologist, or gynae, is a medical professional who’s completed medical school and specialised in the female reproductive system. Gynaes are commonly seen by patients from the onset of their menstrual cycle, where they might address issues or check for pelvic floor disorders, abnormal bleeding, infertility and polycystic ovary syndrome. They can also provide you with care when you fall pregnant as well as when you enter into menopause.

As the female reproductive system is complex and can involve several distinct stages, patients should go for regular check-ups from menstruation to prevent and detect any issues that may have an impact later in life.

An OB/GYN is a medical professional who specialised in both gynecology and obstetrics. They may choose one field, or practice both as they wish. Finding an OB/GYN isn’t necessary if you’re a client of professional and experienced doctors who specialise in both obstetrics or gynecology – like that of Doctor Augustine and Doctor Parikh.