Women’s Gynae Clinic

Our extensive experience & gentle, woman-focused approach bring loyal patients from a wide range of age groups to our top women’s Gynae clinic. Learn why here!

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Women’s Gynae Clinic

Our trusted specialist Obstetrician & Gynaecologist in Durban, Dr Nitesh, has established a health haven for women’s reproductive health. The combination of extensive experience and a compassionate, gentle approach brings loyal patients from a wide range of age groups to our women’s Gynae clinic for diverse treatments.


POLYCYSTIC OVARY SYNDROME (PCOS) is primarily an endocrine disorder. It is a complex condition that is deeply linked to your very sophisticated endocrine system. The endocrine system is a sensitive and highly responsive arrangement of hormones that has a far-reaching effect on your entire body. These factors often cause a misdiagnosis, so it is vital that you consult with a gynaecologist specializing in PCOS. Dr Nitesh specializes in this condition for his patients and can quickly help you in diagnosing and treating PCOS symptoms.

EARLY PREGNANCY CONDITIONS are complications that can include placenta previa, ectopic pregnancy, gestational diabetes, low amniotic fluid, preeclampsia and swelling. These need urgent attention, so if you have any concerns book an appointment immediately.

ABNORMAL BLEEDING DISORDER is a term applied to a menstrual period when it extends past the norm of 8 days, or the blood flow becomes excessively heavy. The term also applies when:

  • Bleeding or spotting happens between periods
  • Bleeding or spotting happens after intercourse.
  • Your cycle is irregular
  • Bleeding occurs after menopause.

INFERTILITY is more common than women know. Research shows that about one in seven couples faces challenges when trying to fall pregnant. Infertility treatments have a high success rate when done correctly, and up to two-out-of-three couples have successful pregnancies. Our doctors have a Diploma in Assisted Reproductive Techniques from the World Laparoscopic Hospital in India. The World Laparoscopic Hospital (WLH) is internationally renowned and has been contracted by the University of South Florida, USA, to train its students in laparoscopic surgery. The WLH has branches in India, the USA and the UAE.


PELVIC FLOOR DISORDERS (PFD) happen when the connective tissues or muscles of the pelvic area are injured or weakened, resulting in symptoms such as urinary or faecal incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse. Our clinic has specialized training in this area, so you are coming to the right place for your PFD.

CONTRACEPTION OR FAMILY PLANNING is an important part of a woman’s life choices. Consider using contraception to ensure you achieve your life goals when you want to. Contraception protects you from pregnancy until you are ready. Our clinic will guide and advise you on the best contraception methods for your preferences.


MINIMALLY INVASIVE SURGERY is a philosophy that underpins any surgery decisions in our clinic. We promote faster recovery, less bleeding, less pain and less likelihood of scarring. Your health, safety and comfort are always at the top of our clinic’s priority list.

Choose a women’s Gynae clinic that has the experience and diverse specializations to treat your health holistically.