Your Obstetrician In Durban Talks “Prenatal Care”

All moms know that prenatal care is essential, but some are hesitant about appearing overly anxious and overbooking appointments. We would obviously encourage you to err on the side of caution and never hesitate to book with your obstetrician in Durban – we’re here to support you. We understand that it can be an anxious time for moms, so to give you confidence in your booking decisions, here is an overview of the recommended minimum prenatal appointments.

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Your First Trimester With Your Obstetrician In Durban

Every woman has a different first-trimester experience, from significant daily discomfort from morning sickness to sailing through with minimal effects. If you are unsure if your body’s reaction is normal, call us, we are here for those exact questions.

Your minimum appointment schedule should look like this during this phase:

Appointment #1 – This usually occurs around week six or week eight latest. We will confirm whether you are pregnant and discuss a projected delivery date. We might do a pelvic exam and, if your pap smear chart is not current, then a pap smear will be done.

We can start initial discussions about what type of birth you want, as well as discuss nutritional changes that should be made. We will guide you on how to cope with morning sickness, answer your many questions and empower you to have the most enjoyable, delightful pregnancy.

Appointment #2 – We recommend this during week ten or week twelve by the latest. We might take your height measurement if it is not on file already as well as your weight. We will guide you regarding the recommended weight gain for your specific pregnancy. You may be asked for a urine sample for testing. If not done previously, we will do the pelvic exam and pap smear in this appointment.

In appointment 2 or 3 we will conduct blood tests for PAPP-A & free β-HCG.

Appointment #3 – This should be planned for week twelve or thirteen. You get a chance to see your baby when we do an ultrasound scan. We will measure the fluid thickness behind your baby’s neck (nuchal translucency) and will do a blood test to check on your baby’s health.

Your Exciting Second Trimester With Your Obstetrician In Durban

Appointment #4 – The week sixteen visit may involve more blood tests (person-specific). An optional Quad screen is offered that measures the proteins and specific hormones in your blood. We might do another urine test and pelvic exam. We will also check your weight.

Appointment #5 – We will do another exciting ultrasound in weeks twenty to twenty-two to check on your baby’s development. Before starting the scan, we will ask if you want to know whether it is a boy or a girl so that we can tell you to look away at the crucial moment if you want to keep it as a surprise.

Appointment #6 – The week twenty-two visit is short and sweet and might include a urine test, a quick step onto the scale to check the progress of your (and baby’s) weight gain and a pelvic exam.

Appointment #8 – As your second trimester draws to a close, we will see you in weeks twenty-four to twenty-eight. We might do another urine test and pelvic exam. We will check your weight progress and do a glucose test to check for the presence of gestational diabetes.

The Third Trimester And Final Trimester 

Appointment # 9 – This is a short visit at week thirty to check your weight progress. You might be asked for another urine sample and pelvic exam.

Appointment #10 – Another short visit in week thirty-four with the same requirements as appointment #9.

Appointment #11 – The same procedure as the previous two appointments plus a test for group B strep and other infections.

Appointments #12, 13, and 14 occur sequentially in weeks thirty-eight, thirty-nine and forty. Same procedure as appointment #9. Your due date will be discussed, and we will give you recommended planning guidelines and conclude your preferred birthing method.

Appointments After The Birth With Your Obstetrician In Durban

We will ask for a minimum of one visit after your delivery, but we will discuss that with you before the due date and on the day of the birth.

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